Corporate Wellness with Cat Donovan Yoga

“In truth, yoga does not take time - it gives time.” — Ganga White

Why Corporate Yoga

Employee Health = Company Wealth

The success of your team and your business depends on the performance of its members. Stress can lead to anxiety, decreased cognitive abilities, and poor performance. Yoga classes help employees manage stress and anxiety, increase productivity, take fewer sick days, and build community. Taking time to breathe, stretch, and move your body is essential and ultimately improves focus and morale while discouraging burnout.  Also, employees that connect through activities outside of work foster a culture of wellness.

Corporate yoga is a low-cost benefit that not only provides many physical and mental health benefits, but it also lets your employees feel valued through knowing their health and self-care are important to you, which creates better focus, productivity and a willingness to be there wholeheartedly.

Whether onsite or virtual, my premium classes are a fun, healthy, and easy way to break up a sedentary work day.

How It Works

Classes are tailored to the needs of your workforce.  Chose from online or in person classes ranging from 30-50 minutes. Class styles include yoga basics, all level, energetic flow, chair, and deep stretch. All classes include meditation and deep breathing for stress relief and a more engaged mind.

I have been instructing corporate yoga classes for 20 years and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge as to what helps an employee perform better, benefiting both the company and the employee. A sampling of companies where my services were/are offered include Progressive Insurance, Medical Mutual, Tri-C, Cuyahoga County, City of Cleveland, Hyland Software and many more.  I provide in person and virtual classes. My virtual classes make it possible to offer yoga from any location. 

Workplace yoga is a win-win for the employer and the employee.  Let's bring this wonderful, cost-effective benefit to your organization!

Signature No Sweat Chair Yoga

This class is a no-sweat, no-change, chair/desk/conference table class. No special props, no mats, just your amazing employees and a room that you would normally work in. Participants are guided through seated yoga poses, mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises, meditation and guided imagery to decrease stress and improve wellness. Choose from 30, 45, and 60 minute classes.

Traditional Mat Class

With space for each employee to roll out a mat, participants have the option to change into comfortable clothes and explore a bigger range of physical poses to promote steadiness and ease. A mat class will counter the harmful effects of sitting and working at a desk for long periods of time.


Here's what a few of my corporate yoga participants have to say about my classes.  

Even though I was trying yoga for the first time, I immediately found the breathing exercises helpful to relax. The tightness in my neck and shoulders from being hunched over my computer were gone by the end of class. Cat was encouraging and provided clear instruction and modifications if needed. I recommend this class to all of my colleagues. 

Nicole W.

Nicole W.

Program Administrator

After our yoga sessions, I feel calm, energized, and ready to face the afternoon. I work with a much clearer mind and am able to work smoother and more efficiently. I have participated in our workplace yoga program for over five years and love it.  Cat is capable and motivating - honestly, a 10 out of 10! Would love if we could have yoga at work more than once a week.

Eva R.

IT Support

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